Ward De Muynck
Product Designer

I research & design

12+ years of experience in human-centered product design.
I launched engaging products for startups and big enterprises,
always with a focus on the end-user.

Creating engaging experiences through:

User research

Most project teams don’t do enough user research. Having an idea of the user goals, -frustrations and context is very helpfull to prioritise new features and design a good overall user-experience.

Research methods I use:
- Customer-, business- and stakeholder interviews
- Field studies (observations, diary studies)
- Data research (Business Intelligence, analytics)


Having business people, engineers and end-users in the same (virtual) room is one of the best ways to discover project opportunities and solve issues.
Co-creation leads to a collective product vision and a shared language. Good teamwork brings superpowers ;-)

Co-creation sessions I facilitated before:
- Bootcamps
- Design workshops
- Storymapping
- Event storming


A prototype can show stakeholders how the final product will look and function. It can (un)validate concepts fast at a fraction of development costs. Prototypes confirm if your product solves the clients problems in the right way and enables to pivot if it doesn't.

High-level to pixel-perfect prototypes:
- Wireframes (abstact boxes & arrows)
- Static prototypes (real data & content, UI patterns)
- Clickable prototypes (feels like a real product)


Form follows function. Design is how it works, more than how it looks. Don't get me wrong, I love beautifull designed things. Aesthetics needs to be part of a bigger design process that to enhance the product experience.

Design principles:
- Cognitive psychology & Visual Perception
- Color theory
- Typography
- Design systems

Case studies

Supply-chain platform for the steel industry
Arcelor Mittal + Capgemini
Research, Protoyping, Graphic Design
Show case study
Digital assistant for operators
UX Facilitation, Research, Prototyping
Show case study
New site for a premium hotel
Nirvana capital + Freelance
UX Research, Prototyping, Web Design
Show case study
Orderbook redesign for DAO
Bisq + Freelance
UX Research, Prototyping
Show case study

My work experience

I've been working on digital projects since 56k modems ;-) On a freelance basis and in-house for a range of industries. Some of my recent cooperations:

Sweet Mustard
UX Facilitator
Jan 2021 — Current
UX Team lead
Feb 2020 — Aug 2020
Arcelor Mittal
Senior UX Designer
Oct 2019 — Feb 2020
Product Design consultant
Mar 2017 — Oct 2019


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