Hey there!

I'm Ward

As a UX designer I study the interaction between human behavior and the decisions a person takes to reach his objectives.


I work closely with Product Managers and Engineering to break down complex business and user problems into simple yet efficient solutions.

User research
UX Design

Selected experiences

Things I learned on the job
  • Personal interest in crypto/DeFI/NFTs.
  • Leverage trader and defi staker
  • Visual arts (Landart, Computer generated art)
  • Ufo, my lovely little Belgian shepperd
  • My family and daughters
  • Nature walks, Belgian beers and FPV (but not together ;)


What inspires me outside working hours


Always keep learning
  • Tri-langual: English, Dutch and French
  • Experience working remote


My iterative proces

Iterative design allows makers to create and test ideas quickly. Those that show promise can be iterated rapidly until they take sufficient shape to be developed.

It's a cost-effective approach which puts user experience at the heart of the design process. My approach is a combination of Design thinking, Agile, Dual-track, Sprints and Growth hacking.

Why I would love to work in crypto

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