Hotel website
A premium travel destination in the South of France
UX, Branding, Graphic Design, project management
The website promotes the hotel, restaurants, winery and activities.

There was a need for consistent branding across the project and better digital usability.
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URL: villagecastigno
getting the stakeholders together

Facilitated a sprint

The company grew a lot bigger in the last years with addition of several restaurants, more hotel rooms, extra activities ... and the brand got scattered.

I organised a 3day-sprint to get everybody aligned. We wrote a new communication plan, including branding, voice and tone, visual style, website content ...

testing business asumptions

Remote user-testing

The assumptions we made in the sprint were tested with "fresh users".

Some of the conclusions of the usertest:
- text is very hard to read on dark background
- navigating is frustrating
- different parts company look unrelated
- text is too long to read online
- voice and tone doesn't match brand

how we solved things

Some solutions

- Designed a minimal menu (card sorting)
- Installed a booking engine (+15% of revenue)
- Redesigned how the business parts interact by explaining projects (hotel + wine + restaurants)
- Provided clear contacts and locations

Previous case study:
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