Redesign a machine learning tool
I managed a team of 3 remote designers to turn a very technical, engineer based tool into a platform that was easier to use with a stronger branding.
Mar 2020 - Aug 2020
Robovision enables you to easily apply deep learning within your own project. They specialize in vision, machine learning and robotics. I lead the remote team that redesigned the platform into a customer focused product with a stronger UX & branding.

Through user interviews and prototyping we found ways to simplify the tool so operators and non-technical people could use the platform together with data-scientists.
Daily work

Project management

I lead the supervision of the design team with daily standups, ongoing work planning and roadmaps, one-on-one design reviews and shared our work with dev leads and the CTO.


Remote workshop

I prepared, organised and facilitated an online workshop to align +15 stakeholders on the future of the tool.
As input I presented a competitive analysis and some recorded user-tests. During the exercises that i facilitated, everyone could give their individual input.

These strengths and weaknesses where then analysed as a collective group. This lead to a design plan and roadmap that was supported by all the stakeholders.

What I did


I modified the development process so design was taking into account when planning the roadmaps. This gave the design team more time to do user-research and prototyping. We made sure new features were helping novice end-users as well as expert data-scientists with their AI project

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